Creative Worship Bass Guitar Lessons in Singapore. 


Having taught many worship music students, we have found every student unique in areas of creative strengths and challenges.  We have designed a 7-Step system that can help all students of all levels breakthrough in their skill level. 


STEP 1: Listen to all Soundtrap Recordings & Coach Video Recordings     

STEP 2: Decode all Chords for Class. Practice them before class

STEP 3: Play and Present in the Class

STEP 4: Record your homework as video assignments. Upload in dedicated student folder. 

STEP 5: Coach will comment and grade all video assignments and assist to perfect students

STEP 6: Students continue to re-record their assignments 

STEP 7: Keep Repeating


From Steps 1-7, Worship Coaches are adopting an Active Online Feedback System to be able to track everybody's individual skill level through video and written assignments. Optimally in class, we can focus on Group Synergy - developing student's confidence in the presence of others.

This is an awesome formula for growing individual musicianship skills and group dynamics.

Right now, inherit 2 innate creative skills, playing as an individual and as a band, in one training system.  


1) Finger Touch

2) Bass Fretboard

3) Scales: Major, minor, Pentatonic, chromatic, etc

4) Practice with drum loops. Play 5 main praise and worship grooves

5) Practice in keys C D E F G A B

6) Chord Progressions - Not conscious of it 

7) Bass Fills


There are 5 essential rhythmic styles for praise and worship. 

Straight Rock, Syncopated over Fast, Medium and Slow Tempos. 


There are 5 essential thinking hats to put on to innovate your bass lines.

Think drums. Think passing notes. Think melodic fills. Think melody. Think intervals. Think in Slides. 


We teach all students to play in the keys of  C D E F G A B


The bass guitar, even as the word suggests, is the foundation note of the Band. The one note dictates and changes the musical relationship, feel and sound, and experience of corporate worship. 

Being a great bassist for worship, requires sticking to fundamentals and creating the dynamics of different high and deep moments in praise and worship.