The TOP 5 Common Issues Faced by Church Drummers

The TOP 5 Common Issues Faced by Church Drummers

By Reuel Kong (Drum Coach for Kingdom Music)

Being a drummer can be a tough task at times. At Kingdom Music, we’ve seen and heard many drummers, and understand the common struggles that many church drummers face. Our goal is to help drummers overcome these difficulties and equip them to serve the Lord and His people. Here are the Top 5 common issues that leave church drummers scratching their heads.

Oneness before Creativity

Many worship teams get this sequence wrong. We tend to put creativity first before the Unity of purpose. That's why worship musicians can serve together yet not appreciate one another and know one another. That's also why we can experiment all we want in a worship practice for as long as we want, but if the leadership for unity is not present, the same creative mess plays out on our sunday worship as it did in rehearsal. 

Some tips to establish unity of purpose right from the start of the one and only worship prac before sunday. Another way to see it is sort of a single mindedness throughout the practice. 

Keyboardists, take on a new mindset

The piano or keyboard is known as the King of all instruments, given the sure frequency range, ability to dominate the music, roots of many musicians who study music theory, ability to easily switch to unlimited number of sounds or effects.

However, latest worship music is increasingly inclusive of other band instruments. In praise and worship, there seems to be a clear shift of focus from keyboard music to keyboard sounds. 

Here are some tips to REINVENT yourself as a keyboardist to stay fresh and relevant in your sound of worship.