Assemble your favourite TOP 40 Playlist

Whether you are an individual, Ministry or Worship Team, having a set of TOP 40 songs is such a precious resource to jam-practice-improvise. It's right there when you need it, anytime in your quiet place, cell group or in gatherings. 


Personally, a great TOP 40 can be balanced in these aspects:

1) Respect the 3 broad tempos (FAST/MEDIUM/SLOW)

Many know the difference between fast (120 -200bpm thereabouts) and slow songs (55-65bpm). But there really is another group of songs that are medium tempo (70-100bpm). All have to be treated differently. Example of medium tempo songs are "Beautiful Savior" by Planet Shakers and Chris Tomlin's declarative "How Great is our God". Sequencing them well in a worship set requires skill and practice. 


2) Appreciate our diversity.

Honor our roots & heritage. Welcome the stuff of the new wave sweeping over us as well. Have the "How Great Thou Art" but also welcome the "Lion and the Lamb" by Bethel Music. Talk about going back to our roots, why not consider singing "How great is our God" in Hebrew? Enjoy Hillsong's award-winning "What a beautiful name" but don't forget the older Hillsongs "Still" "I Give You My Heart". Consider songs of different publishing labels and languages. This reminded me that serving in a mandarin congregation somehow required a different twist on chords and scales. 


3) All time favourites

These songs ring in the hearts of so many the moment the first line is sung. Don't you agree? 10,000 Reasons I Here I am to worship I How Great is our God ... They are an indispensable part of your TOP 40


4) Ask around for what works

Get interested in what others are listening to and be interested to know why. There is really a story behind every great song and the story continues with those who listen to it and are somewhat changed by it. It's amazing how the song "God will make a way" still stays in hearts of many. 


5) Transformative Themes

Find songs that touch us all at different season of our lives. Songs carry different tastes and anointings. There are songs of intimacy, healing, declaration, call to worship, intercession, prophecy, dreams, future destiny... 


Finally, Great resources for assembling your own TOP 40:

As seasons come and fade away, this TOP 40 can be of course evaluated as new 'hit' songs make their way to our hearts and our worship space. Start assembling your personal and corporate TOP 40 Playlist!