Student Testimonials

I have a fun and relaxed learning environment with loads of freedom to learn the songs and techniques I want! Loads of equipment and learning materials to use too. Really appreciate the teachers for being great listeners and for being super accommodating as well.

Leanne Chee

I am a classically trained keyboard player and had difficulties leading Paise and Worship. I tried many other Christian Music schools but sad to say, I felt stuck! Thank you Kingdom Music for giving me a breakthrough in keyboard playing! Praise the Lord!

Chris Ang

I was classically trained but stopped playing for many many years. I wanted to learn how to play worship songs using chords and Daniel is able to adjust his teaching to a pace that works for me. I learnt so much in just 3 lessons and am so thrilled that I can finally play something decent on the keyboard. I particularly like the tools he use (e.g. scores) which really helps me to remember what l learnt during the lesson.

Chia Pei, Barker Road Methodist Church

Beginner to Intermediate Worship Music Lessons in Singapore  


Singapore is the Antioch of Asia.

Kingdom Music, Singapore is a worship music training center for kids, youth, adults, seniors, families and church groups.  

Kingdom Music's calling is to train worship leaders, singers, musicians, sound technicians to serve Him greater. We believe in server excellence. We believe unity with God and His Kingdom is first, before all artistic creativity.  

In association with Team Music


Benefits of Kingdom Music Lessons

  • Flexible for individual, group or band. Learn at your own pace.

  • Prepare early to play in a band before church worship team audition

  • Meet new friends with a heart for worship

  • Customised according to your level of skill

  • Central Training location at YMCA Orchard or your church location

  • Video recordings allowed

  • Video instructional given

  • Free lesson demo


The Gift of Worship

We would like to offer a free lesson demo to all potential students new to Kingdom Music. Please come by to visit us at Kingdom Music with a song that you would like to play or improve. Let us share with you the joy of praising and worshipping God with music. 

Register your interest here and we will get in touch with you asap on the earliest demo timeslot @ Scape Orchard. 


Worship Instruments


Guitar is the most portable worship instrument of choice.

Anyone can overcome the top 3 challenges of playing the guitar

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The Drums - the Rhythm and the Power of the Band.

Anyone can overcome the top 3 challenges of playing the drums 

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The king of all instruments. 

Anyone can overcome the top 3 challenges of playing the keyboard 

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The Bass Guitar plays the notes that move us to worship deeply.  

Anyone can overcome the top 3 challenges of playing bass 

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Your voice is God's unbuilt instrument of worship in everyone of us.

Anyone can overcome the top 3 challenges of playing string instruments

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The Violin is a powerful instrument that communicates the atmosphere of heaven. 

Anyone can overcome the top 3 challenges of playing string instruments

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Worship Application


Our group worship is only as deep and high

as the composite of our own personal worship, fitted together.  

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Small groups enjoy great space

for the Holy Spirit to move freely. 

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Train the 3Cs

to overcome the modern day

worship ministry team challenges. 

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