I was classically trained but stopped playing for many many years. I wanted to learn how to play worship songs using chords and Daniel is able to adjust his teaching to a pace that works for me. I learnt so much in just 3 lessons and am so thrilled that I can finally play something decent on the keyboard. I particularly like the tools he use (e.g. scores) which really helps me to remember what l learnt during the lesson.

Chia Pei, Barker Road Methodist Church

I enjoyed every session that was conducted individually and in a group with the help of professional guidance from our voice trainers. Our trainers were very patient to point out our individual weakness and helped strengthen them for better, and ensured that we understood how to get the right technique. The group interaction with the trainers, helped me to try out skills that I thought I never dared to try it. I began to understand trying even if it’s wrong helps to correct mistakes.
My only wish is that the training could have more sessions.
Nevertheless, thank God for coming across Kingdom Music, I’m more confidence and consciously try to use the skill to sing out. 
To Sing to God!

Caslin, Harvester Community Church



"I have truly enjoyed myself through this learning process. Not only is it educational in terms of techniques, but lessons are also conducted in His presence. I've not only learnt how to sing, I've learnt how to sing for God. I've learnt how to worship through songs."

Grace (vocals)


Learning with Kingdom Music has been thoroughly enjoyable and different from most usual music lessons. You're not just picking up your instrument skills individually, but also holistically as a band. It's a excellent platform to play together with a band, and has taught me to listen to other instruments, be sensitive to the atmosphere and going with the flow in a worship environment. The practice videos are also bite-sized, making it easy to follow. 

Coaches are skilled, encouraging and sensitive to the individual's pace and capabilities. I thought it'd be messy or tough to learn with so many different instruments going on at the same time. Yet, I always get something valuable out of each lesson. 

Tiffany (drums) 


Though my lessons with Coach are held in a band practice setting with other musicians , I have never felt that the progress gained from each lesson is inadequate . From my 3 months or so experience as his student , i have come to realise that Coach Daniel is extraordinarily gifted in teaching music . He not only is meticulous about each sound each individual instrument is producing in the band music mix, but i noticed too that he really is apt at studying each individual student's needs - weaknesses or strengths , and somehow or another knows exactly what to teach me in order that i learn most effectively and enjoy more progress in my musical skills. A big thanks to Coach and his team ! :)  



I am a new begginer in vocal training. Since i started 2 months ago, I have enjoyed every session and learnt much more than I had expected!

Every lesson of skill n technique training is well planned and systematic, yet flexible to cater to my needs. Thanks for all d patience with me..

The practise / worship session with the entire band is impactful n very beneficial.

Homework recording at the virtual studio is cool n fun!! 



I'm really amazed at how fast I was able to pick up keyboard skills from Joash! The lessons are taught in such a unique way that beginners like myself are easily able to play through several songs on the keyboard after only completing the first lesson. Even daunting musical jargons like 'triads' and 'dual harmonics' are reduced to simple numbers!

What makes it so easy is that unlike classical methods, these lessons do not place emphasis on rote learning, but rather on understanding the science behind the art, so that the concepts that are taught can be applied to any song almost instantly without having to memorise the entire song all over again.

Joash teaches keyboard techniques and explains band dynamics in a fun and engaging manner, with a variety of training materials such as a little ruler that can be placed on the keyboard to use as a reference. I definitely recommend learning from him!

Ike (keyboard)


Attending Kingdom Music lunchtime classes amidst the hecticness of CBD life feels somewhat like discovering a spiritual stream of joy in the middle of the concrete jungle. There cannot be a better time each week to be reminded that life is beyond work and that worshipping God and being in the presences of fellow believers takes precedence.

It definitley helps that KM coaches are also superb instructors - extremely versatile, patient, sharp in pin pointing areas to focus and able to explain concepts into manageable bits.  I could start drumming a simple tune on my first lesson already for example.

This allows me to always leave each session with a smile knowing i learnt something new and all rejuvenated with joy hopefully infectious enough to be a blessing to my colleagues.

May God continue to be glorified through this wonderful work of Kingdom Music and he be pleased with our broken (but definitely getting better each week) rhythms, tunes and voices.

Andy (drums)


It had been great fun learning with Kingdom Music. Its always a week to look forward to next! My coach exposed me with the different playing techniques both on the Keyboard and Guitar and I saw how music can be dynamic and creative. The techniques enhanced me to stretch my creativity and think out-of-the-box to piece up ‘puzzles into pictures.’
It has certainly helped me a lot in my personal worship time too.
Max Lee, Keyboard - Petra Church

“The coaching sessions under Kingdom Music have been extremely beneficial as well as refreshingly inspiring. Very much different from any other music lessons that I have been to. KM focuses and shares in-depth knowledge on how ‘ministering music’ should be and can be played. It sets apart playing music by technique and playing by heart.”
Garion, Bass - Petra Church


I joined Kingdom Music a month ago with a desire to enhance my musical skills. But more than that, I longed to be used as an instrument of God to usher people into the Lord's presence through worship.
Lessons at Kingdom Music differ from other music courses I've attended. Rather than learning from a structured textbook style where students were taught based on the content crafted in say 'Intermediate Level 1', we learn on-the-go and are guided based on our individual learning curve.
Apart from growing my skills as an individual, I am learning to play holistically, as I would in a band, to listen to others as I play.
Elaine Quek, Acoustic Guitar

I learnt the basic guitar technique from a school at a class setting of around 6 to 8 students for about 6 months. After which, I decided to join Kingdom Music as it offers to customise each training according to the students' needs.
My coach is patient and he is able to identify how each student learn in such a way that is suitable for them. He is also flexible as he gives the students the option to choose the worship songs they want to learn.
Glory to God who give this gift of music talent to Daniel who not only know how to teach and also is able to help to address each students' queries pertaining to theory of music, inviting His Presence, things to look out etc, as we all have different objectives and expectations.
At a personal level, playing the instrument while having quiet time allows me to set apart a time for God. Inviting His Presence is outmost important and with the strings really make it a difference when having the time set apart from the world, and Jesus is my only audience. I have since develop a habit of practicing everyday for at least half hour to worship Him and it has since impacted my personal life very much.
Jasmine, Acoustic Guitar - Petra Church


I do not have much musical talent naturally.  I have taken guitar and keyboard lessons in the past, but I  always found it difficult to keep up once we got past the basics.  A few months ago, I started keyboard classes at Kingdom Music, and I have not looked back since.  The small class size, and customised lessons help me to learn at my own pace.  As a result, I began to enjoy the music classes, whereas in the past I was often beset by the stress of trying to catch up.  Being able to videotape the lesson alllows me to review the lesson again and again, which helps me to better understand the lesson. 

The coaches are not just skilful in different instruments, they are also extremely encouraging and creative in teaching, adapting to each student's skill level and needs.  Playing together as a band seemed daunting at first, but later it has turned out to be really enjoyable as I began to learn to listen to each instrument and see how each instrument can contribute to the song, and how they complement one another.I am really glad to have come to Kingdom Music for keyboard lessons.  Not only have I found a school that is helping me to grow in musical abilities, I have also found new friends, and above all, a community of people who love God and worship Him.

P Ng, Keyboard - Rock of Ages


"I have been attending lessons at Kingdom Music for the past 5 months and have enjoyed playing in a band setting on both the acoustic and electric guitars. It has helped me improve my skills through interacting and learning to play in sync with the other musicians, and through coaching I've been able to increasingly build on my foundational skills. I've enjoyed learning in an encouraging and fun environment where the focus is ultimately on equipping ourselves to worship in new and interesting ways."

Hannah Oh, Electric Guitar, Drums - Petra Church


“My coach has the uncanny ability to breakdown difficult segments into bite size chunks and make it easier to learn. His patient personality also makes the learning process a whole lot less stressful and thus more enjoyable. I also enjoy the band setting with different instrumentalists in class whom I learn/worship with. I never had such a dynamic learning environment from my previous music school.”

Jonah Huang, Drums & Bass - Petra Church


“I had always wanted to pick up guitar but never wanted to attend lessons.

I bought a guitar 10 years ago and tried to self learn but that was too tough and I gave up halfway.

At the beginning of the year, under the coaxing of my girlfriend, who was learning violin in KM, I decided to go for it.

It was amazing how I managed to pick it up and by the end of the lesson, under the coaching of the coaches, I was so glad that I could finally strum and play a song.

Over the three months, under the training by the friendly coaches, I learnt so many songs and can now comfortably play the guitar in my life group.

The good thing about KM is the class size is small and with the other students learning other instruments provided an environment for playing in a band. It was both encouraging and pleasant.

So I urge you all to take the bold step.” 

Koh Jiawei, Guitar - Petra Church


"What a talented musician and a patient coach! He teaches me the wonderful variations on songs that I have always wanted (but not able) to play and makes me sound really good !"
David H, Guitar - Petra Church


"In 2012, I was looking to pickup my guitar after a long lay off, and I happened to stumble on my friend's FB post in which I discovered Kingdom music. I find that then lessons are different from others as it allows me to play alongside different musical instrument learners, this helped me to pick up band sensing and learning how to play in a music community.
In addition, apart from growing in my guitar skills, I also managed to get a breakthrough in singing whilst playing the guitar :) My coach is patient, and he also constantly points out that worship is unto The Lord, joining Kingdom Music has made a better musician but above it, it has made grown closer to God.

KK, Guitar - Covenant Evangelical Free Church


Coach is patient & teaches with his heart. Lessons in Kingdom Music are flexible. I can choose my own songs :)
Fiona Zeng, Voice, Special Education Teacher


When I first stepped into Petra Children Ministry (Kidz on the Rock – KOTR) in the year 2009 , God showed me His vision – I saw children band played music instruments and children dancers dancing around the stage. In the year 2013, God spoke to me that it is time to start His band in KOTR. I told Him I couldn’t because I knew nothing about music. The only thing I know is to sing. God reminded me that this is His ministry and He will work through His people. I gathered those children who knew how to play musical instruments and started to approach Bro. Daniel Kan for help. Thank God for sending Bro. Daniel. He stayed back several times after service to practice with those children who played drum, guitar and keyboard (including the worship leaders and support singers). Daniel’s passion in Music and his patience in coaching the children fulfilled God’s vision. In every practices, I could feel God’s presence filled the jamming room. KOTR’s band under Bro. Daniel’s coaching had progress leap and bounce and they had led the worship in the Adult’s service on Children’s Day and the Christmas 2014 service. All Glory belongs to God!

Carol, Worship Leader, Petra Church's Kids-on-the-Rock (KOTR)



"Having the opportunity to play alongside my child is a joy, a blessing. It is amazing to see a young 5-yr old kid beating away at the drums, under the guidance of our Coach, and showing rhythm and music along the way. The songs that we played to were varied, ranging from fast paced ones to slow spirit-filled pieces. Playing styles were also diverse and Coach has been remarkably patient with us to get the rhythms right. It has been a great journey for both of us - Keagan at the drums and me with the guitar, and we are looking forward to the time where we can lead in cell worship together." 

Alvin (father, guitar) & Keagen (son, drums) - Faith Community Baptist Church


My son and I started having lessons with KM 4 months ago; we were looking for a coach to help us learn how to play in a worship team setting and KM was able to tailor made the lessons to our music needs and wants. In addition, Coach continues to inspire us to play better each lessons and eventually be able to lead a worship team. Truly proud to be able to learn from a fantastic coach.
Jimmy (father, guitar) & Ian (son, electric guitar) - Grace Methodist Church


It started as Candice's (my daughter) New Year resolution (sort of) to do something different but fun as a family... a family band! Having gone through the 8 sessions with KM, I must add that these jamming sessions were not just different and fun but definitely among the more meaningful activities we ever did as a family to-date. Thanks Kingdom Music!  I guessed the meaningful part was the sense we each felt as we committed ourselves to each of these sessions despite our hectic schedules... it was not so much about our individual selves in terms of what each can get out of it but rather our cheerful individual participation was a gift we gave to each other. Collectively, we build-up one another in developing and in using the gifts & resources He has bestowed on the family to worship & honor Him.

Family Band with Teck How (father, drums) Sock Cheng (mother, keyboard) Candice (daughter, guitar/voice) Caleb (son, guitar/voice) 



We have Kingdom Music (KM) as our worship coach for last 7 months.  KM coached every weekly practice sessions, providing guidance in all aspects of worship from song-set planning, band arrangements, vocal skills to coordination of team and even sound settings.  We have seen significant improvements not just in the teams' skills, but also greater unity in lifting up worship together.   

We are blessed with great musical, creative and ministerial gifts from Daniel and have since grown both in strength and skills.   Out of the consultation with KM, we have a series of customized courses and successfully trained new musicians and musicians on new instruments within last 3 months.  Today we are enjoying the fruits from these courses and more musicians are enabled and equipped to serve within a few months.

KM is a great partner for us as it goes beyond individual music training to equip and enable worshippers to minister in teams.  We thank God for a fun, creative and gifted partner in bringing the sound of heaven on earth!

Deacon John & Harriet, Petra Church Worship Team


“If you want to raise worshippers, look for the worshippers. We wanted to look for a coach to equip the worship team and we found a team in KM that did just that! And we have learnt loads of stuff (keyboard, vocals, worship team dynamics) from them. The coaching sessions were extremely beneficial with refreshingly new and workable concepts. The coaches were talented; solid musicality and competence; genuine; driven and especially blessed by their creativity and their obvious knack of imparting to us.”

Pastor Wilfred, Worship Pastor of Zion Living Streams Community Church


Worship is an intimate time where Christians gather for a time of praise & to be drawn into the presence of God. Music plays an important part of the worship.

Our church has a group of young musician age from 16 to 19 years that have great passion in music but they were not trained to use their talents for worship. 

We felt burdened for these young musicians. We want them to use their talents to serve in the worship ministry.

God is good & by His grace, we chanced upon Kingdom Music & decided to contact them.

A trial session was conducted & at the end, these young musicians were very encouraged through their guidance. The commitment was set for them to be trained to play as a worship team for the next six months.

They have started their training programme for a month now & tremendous improvements were made individually & corporately. KM's way of training not only motivates them to spur on but also encourages few whom have initially felt inadequate to be confident again. These training sessions have definitely made an impact in their lives. They have not only grown closer but they have also learnt to play well together as a team through these few music training sessions. They are now very self motivated as they would stay back in churcheach Sunday to run through the song they have learnt that week.

We are very glad & grateful that we have found Kingdom Music whom not only able to teach & train them but have been very encouraging & positive towards them. 

L. H. Quah, Boscombe Life Church


Although many of our Music Team members have been serving in the Church Worship Ministry for many years, there has been a notable change in the way the team leads in worship on Sundays, ever since we were trained by Daniel and his coaches.  Daniel guided the worship leaders in their song selection, identifying the right keys for their songs and even through the music flows and transitions. The worship leaders agreed that the training had raised their awareness of how things can (and sometimes should) be done differently, and gave them more confidence, especially in their song selection and arrangements. Through the individual diagnostics provided, the Support Singers too have discovered the areas that they should be working on to improve their vocals.  Also the demo recordings on how some of the songs should be played helped the classically trained pianists to not only give the right groove and feel, but to support the worship leaders better.

The training has definitely upskilled the Music team and equipped us to better support each other and effectively facilitate an environment of worship for the congregation. We thank God for the dedication and talents of Daniel and his team of young coaches!

Pat Low, St Hildas Church Worship Team



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