Breakthrough & Creative Worship Vocal Lessons in Singapore. 


Having taught many worship music students, we have found every student unique in areas of creative strengths and challenges.  We have designed a 7-Step system that can help all students of all levels breakthrough in their skill level. 


STEP 1: Listen to all Soundtrap Recordings & Coach Video Recordings     

STEP 2: Plan a storyboard for the song & Practice them before class

STEP 3: Sing and Present in the Class

STEP 4: Record your homework as video assignments. Upload in dedicated student folder. 

STEP 5: Coach will comment and grade all video assignments and assist to perfect students

STEP 6: Students continue to re-record their assignments till 10/10 Score

STEP 7: Keep Repeating


From Steps 1-7, Worship Coaches are adopting an Active Online Feedback System to be able to track everybody's individual skill level through video and written assignments. Optimally in class, we can focus on Group Synergy - developing student's confidence in the presence of others.

This is an awesome formula for growing individual musicianship skills and group dynamics.

Right now, inherit 2 innate creative skills, playing as an individual and as a band, in one training system.  


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These are the 5 Top Obstacles that singers face. 

Weak fundamentals = Not breathing correctly, using diaphragm support and projection

Clarity = Lacking diction and voice projection

Creativity= Unable to recognise and use the different type of voices, placements and air flow

Fluidity = Restricted to one backing track instead of singing with a live band

No where to serve = Can't test my skills safely in public

Brace yourselves. It can all be overcomed. 

Types of Voices

There are 4 types of voices which are the most commonly used - 

Chest Voice - The most comfortable range for a given singer. Most commonly heard and used sound but there’s no real way to define it

Falsetto - An airy sound and usually starts with “h-h-h” sound before you can produce the actual note

Head Voice - Similar to falsetto but it has a clear and almost solid tone. It can also be produced at a higher volume

Mixed Voice - Links the quality of the warmer, stronger and lower chest voice with the brighter and higher head voice.


The Worship Band has 2 key leaders - The Lead Singer and the The Drummer. 

God created every individual uniquely and there are no hard and fast rules on what is the best singing style. Only by understanding your voice, you can then apply the different techniques into songs, leading people to humbly bow before God and to lift His name high through praise and worship.