The Worship Team Ministry


The men did their work well. Their supervisors were Jahath and Obadiah, who were Levites from the family of Merari, and Zechariah and Meshullam, who were from the family of Kohath.

These Levites were all skilled musicians. 

2 Chronicles 34:12


The trumpeters and musicians joined in unison to give praise and thanks to the LORD. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals and other instruments, the singers raised their voices in praise to the LORD and sang: "He is good; his love endures forever." Then the temple of the LORD was filled with the cloud,

2 Chronicles 5:13


Everyone of us is unique in the eyes of the King. Every team is entirely unique in its individual strengths and thus every team has unique synergy and dynamics. Every challenge in our worship team is given by God, for us to overcome, be trained and prepare us for bigger things in the Kingdom.  

What a great honor to be used by the King to lead in the worship of His people, as a Team. At Kingdom Music, we are optimistic about how God uses your worship team to welcome His Presence.

Let's believe it is possible by first understanding the qualities of successful worship teams. 


Qualities of Successful Worship Teams

1) Contrition - Humility to learn, worship and serve others

2) Clarity in Purpose

3) Courageous Leadership

4) Competency or Continual learning in upgrading and updating skills

5) Camaraderie & Communication with team mates

6) Proactive Collaboration and Synergy with team members

7) Commitment to overcome every Challenge


Kingdom Music works closely with:

1) Worship Co-ordinator

2) Worship Leaders

3) Worship Vocalists

4) Worship Musicians

5) Sound Technicians (in future) 



We have Kingdom Music (KM) as our worship coach for last 7 months.  KM coached every weekly practice sessions, providing guidance in all aspects of worship from song-set planning, band arrangements, vocal skills to coordination of team and even sound settings.  We have seen significant improvements not just in the teams' skills, but also greater unity in lifting up worship together.   

We are blessed with great musical, creative and ministerial gifts from Daniel and have since grown both in strength and skills.   Out of the consultation with KM, we have a series of customized courses and successfully trained new musicians and musicians on new instruments within last 3 months.  Today we are enjoying the fruits from these courses and more musicians are enabled and equipped to serve within a few months.

KM is a great partner for us as it goes beyond individual music training to equip and enable worshippers to minister in teams.  We thank God for a fun, creative and gifted partner in bringing the sound of heaven on earth!

Deacon John & Harriet, Petra Church Worship Team


“If you want to raise worshippers, look for the worshippers. We wanted to look for a coach to equip the worship team and we found a team in KM that did just that! And we have learnt loads of stuff (keyboard, vocals, worship team dynamics) from them. The coaching sessions were extremely beneficial with refreshingly new and workable concepts. The coaches were talented; solid musicality and competence; genuine; driven and especially blessed by their creativity and their obvious knack of imparting to us.”

Pastor Wilfred, Worship Pastor of Zion Living Streams Community Church


Worship is an intimate time where Christians gather for a time of praise & to be drawn into the presence of God. Music plays an important part of the worship.

Our church has a group of young musician age from 16 to 19 years that have great passion in music but they were not trained to use their talents for worship. 

We felt burdened for these young musicians. We want them to use their talents to serve in the worship ministry.

God is good & by His grace, we chanced upon Kingdom Music & decided to contact them.

A trial session was conducted & at the end, these young musicians were very encouraged through their guidance. The commitment was set for them to be trained to play as a worship team for the next six months.

They have started their training programme for a month now & tremendous improvements were made individually & corporately. KM's way of training not only motivates them to spur on but also encourages few whom have initially felt inadequate to be confident again. These training sessions have definitely made an impact in their lives. They have not only grown closer but they have also learnt to play well together as a team through these few music training sessions. They are now very self motivated as they would stay back in churcheach Sunday to run through the song they have learnt that week.

We are very glad & grateful that we have found Kingdom Music whom not only able to teach & train them but have been very encouraging & positive towards them. 

L. H. Quah, Boscombe Life Church


Although many of our Music Team members have been serving in the Church Worship Ministry for many years, there has been a notable change in the way the team leads in worship on Sundays, ever since we were trained by Daniel and his coaches.  Daniel guided the worship leaders in their song selection, identifying the right keys for their songs and even through the music flows and transitions. The worship leaders agreed that the training had raised their awareness of how things can (and sometimes should) be done differently, and gave them more confidence, especially in their song selection and arrangements. Through the individual diagnostics provided, the Support Singers too have discovered the areas that they should be working on to improve their vocals.  Also the demo recordings on how some of the songs should be played helped the classically trained pianists to not only give the right groove and feel, but to support the worship leaders better.

The training has definitely upskilled the Music team and equipped us to better support each other and effectively facilitate an environment of worship for the congregation. We thank God for the dedication and talents of Daniel and his team of young coaches!

Pat Low, St Hildas Church Worship Team


Contact us at to share with us your challenges with your worship team. We would like to arrange for a free workshop with your worship team.