The Qualities of Small Group Worship


There is a revival across churches all over the world, not just through mega churches, but primarily through house church movements and prayer groups. 

We want to rediscover the qualities of successful small group worship that leads people to encounter the Lord passionately. 


Great Qualities of Small Group Worship

1) Liberty to Declare the Word, Respond to the Word, in Praise, Worship, Prayer & Intercession. 

2) Trained Worship Leaders and musicians who are prepared to flow with the Holy Spirit

2) Practice the singing of Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs within the group

3) Balanced diet of Declarative, High Praise and Intimacy songs


The Role of Kingdom Music

1) Raise humble and skilled musicians who prioritise personal worship

2) Raise humble and skilled worship leaders who can be effective channels of His glory


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