Oneness before Creativity

Many worship teams get this sequence wrong. We tend to put creativity first before the Unity of purpose. That's why worship musicians can serve together yet not appreciate one another and know one another. That's also why we can experiment all we want in a worship practice for as long as we want, but if the leadership for unity is not present, the same creative mess plays out on our sunday worship as it did in rehearsal. 

Some tips to establish unity of purpose right from the start of the one and only worship prac before sunday. Let's take on a oneness, a single mindedness throughout the practice. 

1) Leave the electrics aside. Start the practice with only guitar and voices. Be up close with everyone. 

2) Talk about life for a while. Relax the heart.  

3) Preplan all worship set strategic decisions beforehand

Worship Flow. e.g. Prelude - Fast declarative songs - Medium declarative songs - Intimacy song - Big declarative song
Keys - Have a balanced approach to satisfy both female and male voice-ranged keys. 

4) Preplan all training videos for those who might struggle with certain transitions or parts

5) Practice and repractice the transitions. They account for the most delay of practice time and actual day disappointments. 

6) Debrief the team on what worked and what didn't. Learn from there and push on towards greater unity of purpose. 

These tips have actually been implemented in our training with church worship teams and we have seen remarkable progress within short durations of time. 

Practice oneness, buddies!