Our Music Director at Jubilee Day of Prayer 2015

I had a surprise message from a dear worship pastor that I really look up to Pastor John Koh. He asked if I could take on 2 roles for Jubilee Day of Prayer 2015 - bassist and music director. I repeatedly asked him if he got the right Daniel. Unbelievable really. 

Honestly, after sadly leaving Believer Music as Music Director in 2008 due to personal reasons, I never thought I could be part of something so significant again. The gifts and calling of God are indeed irrevocable. And I finally understanding more what it means to walk in the will of God's plans. 

Restarting my worship work as Kingdom Music has been an uphill task, especially when it is now a one man task. I enjoy the freedom but I know no significant feat is achieved as individual.

I recall so many memories of myself seeking His face in "Jamming Room" as we know it in 3rd Space China Square Central. Who would have thoughts the constant seeking of His face in jamming room would lead to such a central position for Jubilee worship at 50K strong Sports Hub. God's thoughts obviously not mine. 

All sorts of feelings of inadequacy flooded over me from the onset of the whatsapp message all the way till JDOP and overflowing from then....even now. However, soon there were these empowering afterthoughts that soon enough erased the fears and inadequacies. 

#1: Working with all worship pastors and highly skilled and humble worship leaders and musicians was the greatest pleasure in this whole event, second only to leading all 50K in Singaporean praise and worship to God. 

Pastor John Koh, Pastor Eunice, Andrew Yeo, Pastor Susan, James Pang, Illy Mark, Pastor Aaron Low, Pastor Daphne

#2: Support local worship music e.g. ..."Waves of Revival". I am praying through Kingdom Music's role in this. A question for everyone. Are you keen to sing heartfelt local bred songs? Isn't it time to trade songs with the rest of the Kingdom?  

#3: The opening shofar (a jewish instrument of high praise) call affirmed my messianic heart. I firmly believe the One New Man, neither Jew nor Gentile in worship. 

#4: This is but a rehearsal (convocation of sort) to the great heaven worship gathering

#5: Still unpacking 

#6: Looking forward to SG100 :)