Raising Leaders @ Kingdom Music

KM is poised to raise the spirit of leadership wherever God leads us. By that, let's break it down to include these 3 aspect of spiritual leadership in worship. 

1) Self-leading worshippers -  "Bless the Lord, O my soul" says the psalmist. Self-leadership says I can send a signal to myself to arise to the Lord. 

2) Worship leading singers and musicians - Not all worship leaders play an instrument. However, the greatest worship leaders in this world, all play an instrument. Musical instruments help convey the language of emotions unlike any other medium or media.

Here at KM, we encourage all budding worship leaders to pick up simple technical tips to playing either the keyboard or guitar. 

3) Band Arrangement Leadership - Especially important in our culture of 'consuming worship songs from other countries". Let me explain. We all kind of listen to the same Passion, Hillsong, Bethel. Our worship learning diets are pretty much the same. However, it is important to take note the human differences of each worship leader, musician. 

The differences we have in the choice of keys, band setup, gender mix, auxiliary instruments, congregation mix, leadership direction help us define our uniqueness in His larger Kingdom Body and allows us to paint ourselves different, in our worship reflection of our Creator God.  

Here at KM, we are interested to raise up "Commandos", those who are able to lead worship as well as play multiple instruments competently. These guys have a unifying role in the worship team. They are the glue between the worship leader and the band. In the professional church worship circles, we call these commandos Music Director or Band Director. 


Thank God for Scape Orchard

We are now experiencing at least one call a day from an interested person exploring to have his/her worship needs met by KM. We have not done any major marketing campaigns. We believe most of the budgets should go straight to worship coaches who are committed to making worship learning experiences truly life-changing to students. 

With an excellent training location at Scape at central Orchard, we thank God for this avenue to groom as many brothers and sisters in Christ, as possible. 

The worship coaches at KM are also the Lead facilitators of Team Music www.teammusic.com.sg We have interacted with corporate folks from MNCs such as Google, Facebook, eBay, Yahoo, Government agencies, MOE etc. We work with primarily 80% beginners and 20% experienced musicians. We pray we continue to be a light among the MNCs and nations.  Read these testimonials 


Thank God for Worship Coaches Reuel, Eugene, Michelle and more coming... 

My biggest prayer when kickstarting KM was, "God lead the red-hot worshippers who were patient enough to empathise and journey with beginners to KM." They had to have hearts of worship. They must allow me to develop them as "commandos". They had to be young. 

So came Reuel in January. My wife and myself prayed about it and we took the plunge to accept a new member into KM, wholeheartedly. And well, this guy has grown from a drummer to a multi-instrumentalist. Truly a commando, he is also a commando trainer. Helping us to develop a progressive and accessible Band Dynamics Program that everyone can honestly follow, regardless of your musical playing ability.

Then came Eugene in March, who is our guitar specialist but also plays all rock band instruments. He trains the youths and bands at Church of Singapore, Marine Parade. Eugene has a great ability to empathise and connect with all sorts of people, give them the assurance and confidence to move on higher. 

Michelle is the first female keyboard coach, also first vocal coach we have accepted in the KM coaching team. She is a worship leader at Sengkang Methodist Church, a cell group leader with her group of youths. Some day she will probably become a full time church worker. Maybe KM is just a stepping stone to something greater. Whatever it is, its her season at KM now and we know she has been a blessing to our voice and keyboard students.